Cloud Based Questionnaires

It is easily forgotten just how much the Internet has revolutionised certain processes. There are websites that could only exist due to the Internet, whereas there are some other everyday tasks that have been modified beyond recognition due entirely to the Internet.An example of something new would be E-bay, that has brought sellers and buyers together in a manner that was never possible to do before; an example of a revolutionised process would be in conducting Web-based Questionnaires and Surveys surveys.There are very few people who would ever argue against the benefits of a survey when they are used to determine the level of employee or customer satisfaction, gauge public opinion or provide market research.However, historically the reason that surveys and questionnaires have been used sparingly was that the effort required to create the questionnaire in the first place was cumbersome, and the effort and cost needed to disseminate the survey, gather the results and then analyse the results were rarely insignificant.For many, the results, regardless of how helpful they were, were more often than not tinged with a ‘never again’ feeling having experienced the quantity of effort that used to be required.Then along came the Internet to revolutionise the whole process.PreparationAlthough a word processor holds untold advantages over paper and pen for general writing and correspondence, in the case of something particular like preparing and designing a survey it’s to some extent as practical as using a slippery eel.It can be done, in a similar manner as a hammer can be used with a screw, it is far from ideal. Word-processors are good for documentation, correspondence and general writing; spreadsheets are perfect for coping with numbers and on-line survey web sites are ideal for creating surveys.With a web-based survey website surveys and questionnaires can be created, designed and easily modified using any browser through the use of quick and easy interfaces. All of the complicated formatting is taken care of as, unlike a word-processor, the questionnaire software knows all there is to know about questionnaires.DistributionThe Internet is the most effective form of world communication known to man. Gone are the days of printing hardcopy surveys and questionnaires, stuffing them into envelopes and mailing them, all costly and time consuming. With the net questionnaire once created they are good to go normally by sending the hyperlink to the survey in an electronic mail or by establishing a hyperlink to the questionnaire on a website; processes that are both fast and virtually free.CollatingWhere as in the past completed surveys needed to be posted back and then collated by entering the data into a database either manually or by using some form of optical reader, online surveys update the database in real-time.The Internet has revolutionised the entire process and in doing so has made something that was once considered useful, but expensive and cumbersome, into a resource that’s so quick and easy that surveys can be utilized to bring benefits to many other everyday areas.With questionnaire web sites the barriers to conducting surveys have been torn down. Now they provide a cost effective and easy resource that is open to not only the small charity and local community group but in addition the biggest of the world’s multi-nationals.No longer are geographical borders of any concern a questionnaire can now be published to all the world as easily and for the same cost as a local or internal group.Easier to TestIn addition, questionnaires can now be easily tested from beginning to end to make sure that not only is the survey simple for the respondents to complete but additionally that the information collated is in the correct format to provide the required intelligence.Easier to CompleteNo longer is it necessary to ask respondents to skip specific questions based on their previous answers, with online surveys you only need to ask respondents the questions that are relevant to them as based on their responses irrelevant questions can be skipped with the respondent automatically being directed to the next relevant question.Partially Completed questionnairesPrior to online surveys if a respondent didn’t fully complete a survey they would rarely bother sending the partially completed questionnaire back. With online surveys and questionnaires there isn’t a problem as the knowledge is collated in real time so information from partially completed surveys can still be counted.In short on-line survey websites have revolutionised the world of questionnaires. Something that was beforehand time consuming, required considerable time and effort, was costly to distribution and collate and took time and was difficult to analyse, is now due to the Internet and online questionnaire websites quick, simple and cost effective.